dartranna-alurath asked:
Well, since I saw a post on my dashboard, I thought of actually asking a question myself, for a matter I've been thinking about lately - what's your opinion on the death penalty?

For years I was in favor of it since it would keep the government from paying so much for “scum”. Then, after I made a bit of research, I changed my mind. Not only does it take more to keep someone on death row, there are mistakes that ruin families. Also, the countries who do have the death penalty are usually more violent than others, the reason why I do not know.

neurotoxines asked:
That is such a coincidence! Yup, still it's common in most countries with the prostitution thing.

That is true. I honestly doubt they’d legalize it in America either. The only country I’m aware of is really the Netherlands.

neurotoxines asked:
Yes, I do think so, although I see rather improbable it's legalised, at least in Spain.

Oh you’re Spanish? I’m Portuguese so we’re neighbors. I doubt it would happen here too actually, Latin countries are a bit close minded imo.

neurotoxines asked:
Personally, I don't like prostitution in general, but it's because of procuring, which I find utterly disgusting, unfair and mortifying. It's because of that that I can't understand how one can have sex with those poor broken women, abused by their pimps... I think, though I'm not sure, that maybe making it legal would make porcuring stop. I don't really have a problem with someone earning money for sex, but that usually leads to a shitty life, and that's what I have a problem with.

Don’t you think that legalizing it would help upgrading those women’ way of life? By being less undercover, not needing to hide anymore.

neurotoxines asked:
Here I am, willing to keep up with the debates! But, this time I will give you the preference to ask my opinion about anything you want to discuss.

Alright, let’s start big. Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

atypical-individual asked:
for your second topic, yes fear is good because it keeps necessary restraints on humans

Please exemplify :)

atypical-individual asked:
its outrageously easy to drown in self pity and just lay around all sad and stuff (wow that sounded offensive sorry) but to actually kill yourself takes guts. yea its "a permanent solution to a temporary problem" but how does that make it less hard? i'll admit from experience its hard to face the world sometimes but its natural, and there are usually ups to balance the downs. killing yourselfmay be a bad choice but it isnt cowardly

haha it’s ok don’t worry 

But if that pain makes you want to end it all, wouldn’t keep on having that pain for countless time be even harder?

As we aren’t many for now, I give you another topic of discussion

Is fear a good thing?

dartranna-alurath asked:
I wouldn't say it's cowardice - but it still is "easier" than spending a longer time fighting to overcome your problems. I think that's why many people decide to do it, instead of fighting. Giving up is always easier if you think about it. We're all brought in this world to live. How to live is really depending on us. I suggest a movie called "It's a wonderful life" for everyone out there since it's connected to this matter. :)

For all interested you can read the Plot of the movie here :)

morgen-roede asked:
I won't say cowardice, it would be more like unadvisedly because when you're about to do something as big as suicide, something (your feelings in that moment, will or anything else that makes you feel that way) will make you do that, but the 'other something' (inner voice, conscious) will tell you 'No, don't do it, thing will get better'.

Any comments everyone?